The European Athletics U23 Championships will be held in Leppävaara, Espoo, Finland, between 13 and 16 July 2023, even though the 20km Race Walking events (both Men and Women) will be held on 12 July late afternoon (Day 0). The competition organisation is looking for about 500 volunteers for various officiating and event roles.

Below you will find the volunteer roles needed for the event and their descriptions.

The tasks are divided into sub-areas such as competition organisation, construction, event support services, customer and VIP services, communications and media services, and security and transport services.

You can volunteer for the entire duration of the event or also for a shorter period.

The volunteers receive a dedicated outfit (against a nominal contribution) and a certificate of tasks they volunteered for. In addition, they receive a meal if the working day lasts longer that 5 hours. If your heart beats for athletics events, check it this out and apply to join the team!

Registration is done through the Suomisport system. To use Suomisport, you need your own Suomisport account, i.e. a Sportti account.


TIC (Technical Information Centre) / Competition Office

Receives the confirmations of athletes and relay teams for the competitions, handles protests. You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.

Call room

Officials oversee the movement of competitors from the warm-up area to the arena. They ensure in the CR that the competitors and their implements are checked and comply with the rules before entering the competition venue, and that the athletes are led to the competition site as scheduled. You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.

Implement inspectors

Ensure that competitors bring their implement for inspection in time, check the compliance of the implements of the competitors, make the necessary markings on the intended implement, and write inspection reports. You make sure that the right implement goes to the right event site in time. The implements are handed back to the athletes after the competition at the checkpoint. You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.

Competitions / Track and Field Events

Include roles of various levels, from implement returns in the field to technical official. The officials oversee the conduct of field and track events as a team, guided by a technical official (referee) appointed for each event. The qualities of good crew members are common sense and general tact, and a keen focus on their own roles.

Results service / Messengers

The results service enters the results recorded in the records protocols in the results software and checks that the results from the finish line camera have arrived. The messengers’ role is to copy the records protocols, starting lists and results, and distribute them to the right places.

🡺 NOTE: The persons selected for these roles must be active as officials in the 2022–23 term. The referees inside the stadium should have completed at least level 2 technical official training or long term experience working as official in competitions.
Age limits: 18-70
Language skills: Not mandatory, but helpful.

Athletes’ clothes carriers

The duty of the carriers is to carry the athletes’ gear from the starting point to the finish area. Energetic young athletes (minimum age 10 years) are particularly suited for this position.




Transport tasks involve transporting the official participants and guests of the European Championships between the hotels and the stadium in cars provided by the competition organization, as well as coordinating rides at the transport office. Local knowledge is considered an advantage.
🡺 NOTE: This position requires a driver’s license and driving experience of preferably minimum 2 years.


Hotel info

The official hotels accommodate domestic and international athletes and members of the teams. Hotel Info will guide them through questions related to the games and the hosting cities. The position requires good organizational and interaction skills, as well as knowledge of the locations of the games and language skills.

Catering – Cafeteria sales

The tasks in the cafeteria include sales and preparation of products for sale. A valid hygiene proficiency certificate (“hygieniapassi”) is desirable for this task.

Other duties

Technical support

Responsible for the technical solutions of the games, ICT and cabling/wiring of the competition facilities in cooperation with the hosting city.

Training Field

The Otaniemi training field needs people to ensure the field is operational, equipment is made available, and the facilities are generally functional. They will also ensure that if there are athletes training e.g. long throws, no other disciplines are allowed on the field.


Tasks include constructing/installing and decorating the venue, placing signs, and uninstalling after the event. The tasks require a brisk, active attitude and manual skills. Advertising fences, the podium and various areas for athletes are built before the event. The construction team is also responsible for the uninstallation of structures after the games.



Security and Traffic Control

Tasks include access control and security at the event. You understand the importance of security and safety and the role of guidance for the smooth running of the event and for the customers to feel comfortable. You are customer-service minded, multilingual and have a proactive attitude.
The tasks of Security Control require sensitivity in different situations and compliance with instructions. A security officer license and previous experience are an advantage, but not mandatory.
The traffic control team directs traffic and inspects the access permits of vehicles entering the area.

Audience flow management

Audience facilitators guide the spectators to their right places and help them with any questions they may have.

Athletic Team Services

Team attaches

Depending on the size of the teams, they either have their own attaché or share them with other teams. The attaché is available to the team basically all day, ready to help with any questions that the team may be asking – for every question, they provide an answer which is not “I don’t know” but always at least “I don’t know now, but I’ll find out and come back”. Attachés can get the most diverse wishes from teams, and they should be careful not to promise the impossible. Good knowledge of athletics and the Helsinki capital region is important, language skills at least Finnish and English.


The Accreditation Centre provides the official participants and invited guests of the Games with access cards. Their duties include customer service and printing accreditation cards. The task requires accuracy as well as customer service and language skills.

Volunteer Center

The center where volunteers arrive, where their official outfits are handed out, and where all communication to volunteers is centered during the games. The volunteer center also serves as a resting and meeting place for volunteers. You make sure that the volunteers feel comfortable before and during the Games. Tasks include coordinating volunteer equipment and meals, as well as maintenance of the volunteer facilities (replenishing catering, making coffee, tidying up the premises). The task requires a proactive and positive attitude.



Sponsors & Promotion

Implementation of partners’ agreements, e.g. distribution of brochures, construction and staffing of demonstration stands, etc.


The ticket sales team sell tickets at the entrances and distribute complimentary tickets to VIPs and invited guests. The position requires an excellent customer service attitude and resilience to pressure in an occasionally hectic environment, as well as fluency in Finnish and English.

Event Market

Staffing the organizer’s and their partners’ stands and possibly selling goods.You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.



Awards / Ceremonies & awards

The team is responsible and assists in tasks related to the award ceremonies. You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.

VIP guests

The duties of VIP volunteers include taking care of the smooth running of the VIP area functions and instructing guests. The VIP area must remain tidy, and volunteers will assist the VIP service providers where necessary. You can shine in these positions with both Finnish and international guests if you have excellent customer service and language skills. You are fluent in both Finnish and English. Other language skills are an advantage.
NOTE: You are at least 18 years old.

Opening and Closing Ceremony

We are also looking for volunteers for various support measures for the opening and closing ceremonies.



Press Centre

Responsible for the Press Centre for journalists and photographers. The Press Centre opens 2 days before the first day of the games and is opened 2 hours before the first event of the day and will remain open at least 3 hours after the end of the last event.
The head of the Press Centre needs 1-2 assistants to make sure that their help desk is operational or that the Centre has all the necessary information for the media. Requires good organizational skills and knowledge of English.

Mixed Zone Coordinator

The Mixed zone is the place where the media and athletes meet after the competition. Television and other media interviews are conducted in the Mixed Zone. With 1-2 assistants, the Mixed Zone coordinator ensures that meetings in the Zone run smoothly.

Flash quotes team

The Flash quotes team works in the Mixed Zone and makes quick interviews from the finals winners and sends to European Athletics for publication. In addition to proficiency in English, the team needs at least a Spanish and German interviewer. Knowledge of athletics terminology is an advantage, as is experience in working as a journalist.

Head of Photography Assistants

1-2 people to assist the head of photography of the games.

Media Assistants

Media assistants help the media representatives so that e.g. journalists working in the games have the necessary tools such as WiFi passwords, starting lists and results at their disposal – and solve possible problem situations. The tasks require customer service and language skills. The applicant should understand the needs of the media working at the event. You should know at least Finnish and English, other language skills will be useful.

Social Media Team

The social media team assists with the social media updates of the events. The task requires excellent mastery of social media applications, accuracy, attention to detail and good written expression in Finnish and English.



First Aid

The First aid team ensures that the injured athlete receives help as quickly as possible and assesses the need for further treatment of the injury. More commonly, the tasks involve patching small scratches, treating strained muscles, and hydrating athletes. First aid will be provided in the main stadium and on the practice training field.
NOTE: We are looking for applicants with a valid certificate of First Aid training (EA2 or higher) for the positions. First aid is coordinated by the Finnish Johanniittain apu ry.

Anti-doping Assistant

Anti-doping assistants escort athletes to doping testing. The position requires knowledge of English, other language skills are also considered an advantage. The position requires the age of over 18 years.



Don’t you really know what position to apply for yet, but want to be involved anyway? Submit an open application and tell us a little about yourself and your previous experience at similar events.